Decission Support System Berbasis TOPSIS FDMAM Untuk Meningkatkan Efisiensi Pemanfaatan Dana Desa Di Bidang Infrastruktur Desa Karangturi

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Diwahana Mutiara Candrasari
Adhi Wibowo Wibowo
Thomas Kristian Jeriko
Anggi Anggi Anggraini


This research was conducted to conduct an analysis that was used to assist in providing recommendations in making decisions regarding the allocation of village funds regarding Karangturi village infrastructure development. The analysis carried out aims to improve the welfare of the community and fulfill the needs of the facilities and infrastructure needed to meet the daily needs of the surrounding village communities, such as landfills, green parks, asphalt roads and so forth. The data that will be used for data analysis in this study include infrastructure data, Criteria, Weight Weights, Calculations and Final Report on what infrastructure is feasible for development. Where this analysis is carried out with the help of a decision-making method namely TOPSIS (Technique For Order Of Preference By Similarity To Ideal Solution) which means that by using TOPSIS (Technique For Order Of Preference By Similarity To Ideal Solution) in addition to getting accurate results, it is expected also get the value of the criteria used to determine the priority of village infrastructure development and get the value of an ideal solution that can be used as a recommendation in making decisions for the allocation of village funds in the field of village infrastructure. The results of the research analysis using the TOPSIS (Technique For Order Of Preference By Similarity To Ideal Solution) method are expected to provide recommendation data along with ranking results in determining the infrastructure that is needed by the community around Karangturi village, Sumbang District.



Keywords: TOPSIS, Village Infrastructure, Village Fund Priorities, Analysis, Development

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