Pengukuran Tingkat Kepuasaan Pengguna E-Learning Menggunakan End User Computing Satisfaction

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User satisfaction is the main factor in the application of e-learning, if this satisfaction factor is ignored, e-learning cannot be developed according to its purpose, namely to maximize the learning process, especially during the Covid 19 season. The research method in this research is a survey type quantitative research method. The analysis of this research refers to the level of satisfaction of e-learning users. The results showed that most e-learning users agreed that e-learning already had good content, accuracy, format, ease of use, and timeliness. The results show that not all factors that are incorporated into the EUCS instrument have an effect on the satisfaction of the e-learning users. Of the five factors that are included in the EUCS instrument at SMK Al Washliyah, only content (X1), format (X3), ease of use (X4), timeliness (X5) show a significant influence on e-learning user satisfaction (Y). The factors contained in the EUCS instrument such as Accuracy (X1) did not show a significant effect on e-learning user satisfaction at SMK AL Washliyah.

Keywords: e-learning, End user satisfaction, SMK Al Washliyah

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